Monday, February 14, 2011

Bloodbrothers : Chapter 1

"Martin! I had the craziest dream last nite. The angel gabriel appeared to me. He said that we are chosen. I think my imagination is running wild again. But the dream wasnt like other dreams. It left me with a feeling of peace. Oh yea back to my dream. So He said we will have to meet some1. He dint give me the details though just that the guy would help us and that one of us would know who. I dont even know what Gabriel meant by us being chosen?" Jey said as soon as he got to martin's house.

Kevin was lying on the couch watching tv with a bowl of chips in his hand and he said "What you doing here la?".

"Knew you'd say that".

Martin then interrupted "I got a dream too actually. And now that u mention ur dream its confirmed."

Kev and Jey both said "what's confirmed?"

"The guy we're supposed to meet. And the people who are included as the chosen."

"So did he tell u exactly who the guy is?" jey said.

"Just where to find him."

"hmm... Oh! So its not just us? i mean kev, you and I? cause i saw us there with the angel."

"The angel showed me that Cherrie, Larry, Mel and Luke are also included. And we better call them up cause we're goin to meet the guy on saturday..."

So they called the rest and explained the situation. Both martin and jey had the feeling of peace after their dreams so they knew it could be nothing other than an angel.. They looked the guy up online but their efforts were in vain... The place existed but the person was untraceable.. Well it was hard without a name to work with... They gave up searching for him this way and decided to just go there..

The angel gabriel visited them yet again, this time all of them at once in the same dream. "Griffith will meet thee in a place of dining. Italiannies in mid valley... Speak unto the Hostess his name and she will guide you to a room in which he dines privately. He has been informed of thee and knows thy purpose for meeting him." They got up right after that dream and had that feeling again. They all were at martin's house and were discussing what they all saw.

"Well we know he likes italian food." Luke said with a grin.


They went to the designated location and the hostess led them to the room. A scrawny man was sitting on the chair.

Martin adressed him first "you're not Griffith."

"Yes you're right. The angels really did visit you huh. The boss sent me here instead. My job's to fill u in. You dont know wat you've been chosen for right?"

They shook their heads.

"You're chosen because the war has started."

just trying something new~ pushed to do this by martin for the past three weeks...

anyway! happy valentines day all!